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Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract submission will be possible from 14th February to 1st July, 2018, via JACoW's Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS). A link for authors to login to their SPMS accounts and submit their abstracts is provided at the bottom of the page. All submitting authors should, however, first read these guidelines before submitting their abstracts and be reminded of the important procedure that immediately follows abstract submission, which is listed below under "After Abstract Submission".

The deadline for abstract submission (to be considered for oral posters) is April 15, 2018.

Submitting an Abstract

Abstract Title

Enter the title of the abstract, using initial capital letters only, as shown in these examples:

This is a Paper Title in Initial Capital Letters.

Presentation Type

The default for all contributions is poster.


To complete submission of an abstract, authors are required to select a classification. Invited Plenary and Summary Speakers have been assigned a separate classification. All other classifications are based on the program tracks for the meeting. Authors are responsible for properly classifying their abstracts to ensure that, if accepted for presentation, their papers are properly placed within the conference program.

Abstract Text

Abstract text should not exceed 1200 characters. An abstract is a concise summary of a paper. It should describe the paper and include a statement of the issue, research methods, and significant findings. Abstracts should be written as one continuous paragraph. Since electronic submission over the web does not allow a simple, straightforward system to enter symbols, superscripts or subscripts, authors are requested not to use them. Also, equations and footnotes are not acceptable within the body of abstracts and will be removed by the proceedings editor. Use one or more asterisks (*, **, etc.) to indicate footnotes to be entered in the footnotes field (see below).


Footnotes not exceeding 200 characters may be inserted in the footnote field for references to co-authors, institutions, etc.

Funding Agency

References to funding agencies may also be included and should not exceed 200 characters.


Once the abstract text is entered, click the ;Submit; button. Confirmation of submission will be sent by email.

The next immediate step is to enter information regarding co-authors.

After Abstract Submission

Entering Co-author Information

After having "submitted" your abstract, a new window will open allowing you to enter co-authors and designate them as primary/submitting, speaker/presenter, etc. Note that when you enter co-authors, this information also goes into the SPMS, which will search to see whether a profile/account already exists for the co-author. After the abstract is submitted, primary/submitting authors may log on to their accounts at any time and edit their abstracts/co-author data, etc.

Making Changes to Your Abstract

Once the author information is complete, clicking "Return to Abstract List," will allow you to print, edit, or withdraw the abstract. You can log in to SPMS and make changes to your abstract and author information at any time before the deadline.

Submit an abstract

Please send an email to zhaoning@ihep.ac.cn if you have questions or difficulty on submitting your abstract.