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16-21 September 2018
Asia/Shanghai timezone

Participant List

Number of participants: 69

downname institution position city country/region
Mr. BERNER, Thomas WIENER Power Electronics GmbH Sales Manager Burscheid Germany
Ms. BIAN, Lin IHEP,CAS Senior Engineer Beijing China
Mr. CHEN, Shu Peking University PhD student Beijing China
Prof. CHIN, Yong Ho KEK Professor Tsukuba-shi Japan
Dr. CHRIN, Jan Paul Scherrer Institute Staff Scientist Villigen AG Switzerland
Mr. DELAVIERE, Tom Bergoz Instrumentation Sales Engineer Saint Genis Pouilly France
Dr. DOEBERT, Steffen CERN Senior Scientist Geneva Switzerland
Dr. DZIUBA, Florian Dirk Helmholtz Institut Mainz Postdoc Mainz Germany
Dr. EASTON, Matt Peking University Postdoctoral Researcher Beijing China
Dr. FELDMEIER, Eike Heidelberg Ionenstrahl-Therapie Centrum (HIT) Groupleader Heidelberg Germany
Ms. GAN, Pingping Peking University PhD student 北京 China
Prof. GAO, Jie 高能所 Professor Beijing China
Dr. GAROLFI, Luca CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) Senior Research Fellow Saint-Genis-Pouilly Switzerland
Dr. HE, Feisi IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics) Staff scientist Beijing China
Dr. HUAN, Jia IMPCAS Accelerator Physicist Lanzhou China
Dr. IWASHITA, y Kyoto Univ. Prof. Uji Japan
Dr. KUTSAEV, Sergey RadiaBeam Technologies, LLC Accelerator Scientist Santa Monica United States
Mr. KWANGHOON, Kim Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Engineer Pohang Korea, Republic of
Dr. LAGNIEL, Jean-Michel GANIL Senior physicist Caen France
Dr. LI, Han Uppsala University researcher Uppsala Sweden
Ms. LIU, NA SOKENDAI/KEK Ph.D. student Tsukuba Japan
Ms. LIU, Xinmeng 近物所 PHD candidate 兰州 China
Dr. LI, ZhiYong Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, Michigan State University Staff Engineer East Lansing United States
Mr. LI, Zongbin Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS / University of Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD Student Shanghai China
Mr. LU, LIANG Institute of Modern Physics researcher Lanzhou China
Mr. LYU, Hongqing 无锡市创新低温环模设备科技有限公司(WUXI CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.) General Manager Wuxi China
Mrs. MALTSEVA, Mariya Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Master Student Novosibirsk Russian Federation
Dr. MAROCCHINO, Alberto INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, Frascati, Italy Researcher Frascati Italy
Ms. MARTIN, Beatrice DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni S.p.A- Science Division Contracts Manager Padova Italy
Mr. MA, Yongsheng IHEP engineer beijing China
Dr. MCATEER, Meghan Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin Scientific employee Berlin Germany
Dr. MI, Zhenghui IHEP Researcher Beijing China
Dr. MORI, Shingo KEK Junior Assistant Professor Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan
Dr. NEIL, George Neil Consultants CEO Williamsburg United States
Dr. O'ROURKE, Brian National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Senior Researcher Tsukuba Japan
Mr. OH, Nak-kyun VITZROTECH CO.,LTD Overseas Sales Team Leader Ansan Korea, Republic of
Mr. OKADA, Takafumi SOKENDAI/KEK Graduate student Tsukuba Japan
Mr. OTA, Shogo Waseda University Student, Master Tokyo Japan
Mr. POMMERENKE, Hermann Winrich CERN and University of Rostock PhD Student Geneva Switzerland
Mr. PRONIKOV, Alexey NRNU MEPhI Kashirskoe shosse st., 31, 115409, Moscow, Russia Moscow Russian Federation
Mr. REHMAN, Muhammad Abdul SOKENDAI/KEK Graduate Student Tsukuba Japan
Mr. ROSSI, Massimo DB Elettronica Telecomunicazioni S.p.A- Science Division Managing Director Padova Italy
Dr. SHA, Peng IHEP Associate Professor Beijing China
Dr. SHIM, Chi Hyun Pohang Accelerator Laboratory Postdoctoral researcher 80 Jigokro-127-beongil, Nam-Gu, Pohang Korea, Republic of
Dr. SHI, liangliang PSI Postdoctoral fellow Villigen Switzerland
Ms. SKUDNOVA, Irina Saint Petersburg University PhD student Saint Petersburg Russian Federation
Ms. SLEDNEVA, Anna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Part-time engineer Dubna Russian Federation
Dr. SONG JIN, Song IHEP,CAS Researcher Beijing China
Mr. SUMBAEV, Anatoly Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Head of Department Dubna Russian Federation
Mr. TAN, Weiwei Peking University PhD student Beijing China
Mr. VALERIY, Kobets Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Head of Sector Dubna Russian Federation
Mr. WU, Andong Institute of Modern Physics, CAS PHD candidate Lanzhou China
Mr. YANG, Jinghe China institute of atomic energy engineer Beijing China
Ms. YANG, Yujia Institute of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University Beijing PhD student Beijing China
Mr. YUAN, jiandong institute of modern physics, chinese academy of science 509# nanchang road,lanzhou,china lanzhou China
Mr. YUSHIRO, OSAMU ScandiNova Systems KK CEO Tokyo Japan
Mr. ZHAI, Jiyuan IHEP Associate Researcher Beijing China
Mr. ZHANG, xiaoping Wuxi Creative Technologies Co., Ltd General Manager Assistant Wuxi China
Dr. ZHAO, Quantang Institute of modern physics, CAS associate researcher Lanzhou China
Mr. 余, 永 Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Dalian, China Dalian China
Ms. 张敬如, Jingru 高能所 associate researcher Beijing China
Mr. 李, 子佳 / Justin Lee Bergoz - 北京科维泰信 Bergoz Distributor Beijing China
Mr. 王, 旺生 近代物理研究所 兰州 lanzhou China
Mr. 程, 安齐 Peking University master student 北京 China
Ms. 肖, 丽 P Beijing Beijing China
Mr. 胡, 星 Nuclear Instrumentation Group Engineer Shanghai China
Mr. 邢, 超超 Institute of Modern Physics Gansu province Lanzhou City Lanzhou City China
Mr. 陈, 伟龙 近代物理研究所 Lanzhou, China Lanzhou, China China
Mr. 陈, 蒙 Peking University PhD student Beijing China