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Past Seminars

  • Jan.19  Peter Braun-Munzinger (EMMI)
    The QCD Phase Structure: status of experiments and future prospects 
     (ppt and video)
  • Jan.26  Edward Shuryak (Stony Brook Univ.)
    Nucleon clustering at freezeout, near the QCD critical point 
    (ppt and video)
  • Feb. 2  Krzysztof Redlich (Wroclaw Univ.)
    Probing of the QCD phase boundary within heavy ion collision 
    (ppt and video)
  • Feb. 23  Thomas Schaefer (NCSU)
    Dynamical Modeling Near the Critical Point 
     (ppt and video)
  • Mar. 2  Yi Yin (IMP)
    Non-equilibrium Effective Theory and Hydrodynamics Fluctuations
     (ppt and video)
  • Mar. 9  Kenji Fukushima (Tokyo Univ.)
    Physics at High Baryon Density Region 
    (ppt and video)
  • Mar. 23  Ruan Lijuan (BNL)
    Photon/Dileptons from RHIC BES 
     (ppt and video)
  • Mar. 30  Adam Kisiel (Warsaw University of Technology)
    The NICA Complex and the MPD Detector at JINR: status and physics potential (ppt and video)
  • Apr. 6  Jan Steinheimer (Frankfurt Univ.)
    Collision dynamics at BES energies and signatures of first-order phase transitions 
    (ppt and video)
  • Apr. 13  Berndt Müller (Duke Univ.)
    TRACING THE BOUNDARY OF ORDINARY MATTER: Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram at RHIC 
    (ppt and video)
  • Apr. 20  Jinfeng Liao (Indiana Univ.) 
    Novel Dimensions for Exploring QCD Matter in Heavy Ion Collisions
     (ppt and video)
  • Apr. 27  Joachim Stroth (Goethe University Frankfurt and GSI) 
    Physic of di-leptons in HI Collisions - A Review (ppt and video)
  • May 4  Marlene Nahrgang (SUBATECH, Nantes) 
    Dynamical treatment of fluctuations 
     (ppt and video)
  • May 11  Charles Gale (McGill Univ.
    Photon/dileptons (theory overiew) 
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)
  • May 25  Scott Pratt (Michigan State Univ.
    Extracting the diffusivity of the QGP 
    (ppt and video)
  • Jun. 1  Takehiko Saito (RIKEN) 
    Hyper-Nuclei Production in HI Collisions 
    (ppt and video)
  • Jun. 8  Urs Wiedemann (CERN) 
    Jet and flow for small system 
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)
  • Jun. 15  Claudia Ratti (Houston Univ.
    Construction of EoS with a critical point 
    (ppt and video)
  • Jun. 22  Jurgen Schaffner-Bielich (Frankfurt Univ.
    Compact Stars and HI Collisions 
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)
  • Jun. 29  Zi-Wei Lin (ECU) 
    AMPT at the High Baryon Density Region  
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)