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On-line seminar series II on “RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment” 2021


The on-line seminar series on “RHIC Beam Energy Scan: Theory and Experiment” will be held online weekly using ZOOM. It aims to present and discuss recent developments and future directions on both theoretical and experimental sides, related to heavy-ion collisions at RHIC Beam Energy Scan energies. The focuses of this workshop are flow and hydrodynamics, critical and noncritical fluctuations, complemented by overviews and updates on related topics such as chirality, vorticity, future experimental facilities, etc.

The second series of the online seminar is scheduled on every Tuesday and the first talk will start on January 12, 2021. Considering that our participants and speakers come from all parts of the world, we have selected the following time slot for the seminar:  6:00am (San Francisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 6:30pm(New Delhi), 9:00pm (Beijing), 10:00pm (Tokyo) Each talk will be one hour long, with a limited number of questions allowed during the talk, followed by an additional 30 minutes for discussion.


Confirmed speakers:
  1. Jan.19  Peter Braun-Munzinger (EMMI)
    The QCD Phase Structure: status of experiments and future prospects 
     (ppt and video)
  2. Jan.26  Edward Shuryak (Stony Brook Univ.)
    Nucleon clustering at freezeout, near the QCD critical point 
    (ppt and video)
  3. Feb. 2  Krzysztof Redlich (Wroclaw Univ.)
    Probing of the QCD phase boundary within heavy ion collision 
    (ppt and video)
  4. Feb. 23  Thomas Schaefer (NCSU)
    Dynamical Modeling Near the Critical Point
     (ppt and video)
  5. Mar. 2  Yi Yin (IMP)
    Non-equilibrium Effective Theory and Hydrodynamics Fluctuations
    (ppt and video)
  6. Mar. 9  Kenji Fukushima (Tokyo Univ.)
    Physics at High Baryon Density Region
    (ppt and video)
  7. Mar. 23  Ruan Lijuan (BNL)
    Photon/Dileptons from RHIC BES 
    (ppt and video)
  8. Mar. 30  Adam Kisiel (Warsaw University of Technology)
    The NICA Complex and the MPD Detector at JINR: status and physics potential (ppt and video)
  9. Apr. 6  Jan Steinheimer (Frankfurt Univ.)
    Collision dynamics at BES energies and signatures of first-order phase transitions 
    (ppt and video)
  10. Apr. 13  Berndt Müller (Duke Univ.)
    TRACING THE BOUNDARY OF ORDINARY MATTER: Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram at RHIC 
    (ppt and video)
  11. Apr. 20  Jinfeng Liao (Indiana Univ.) 
    Novel Dimensions for Exploring QCD Matter in Heavy Ion Collisions
     (ppt and video)
  12. Apr. 27  Joachim Stroth (Goethe University Frankfurt and GSI) 
    Physic of di-leptons in HI Collisions - A Review (ppt and video)
  13. May 4  Marlene Nahrgang (SUBATECH, Nantes) 
    Dynamical treatment of fluctuations 
     (ppt and video)
  14. May 11  Charles Gale (McGill Univ.
    Photon/dileptons (theory overiew) 
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)
  15. May 25  Scott Pratt (Michigan State Univ.
    Extracting the diffusivity of the QGP 
    (ppt and video)
  16. Jun. 1  Takehiko Saito (RIKEN) 
    Hyper-Nuclei Production in HI Collisions 
    (ppt and video)
  17. Jun. 8  Urs Wiedemann (CERN) 
    Jet and flow for small system 
    (Abstract and Zoom Links)
  18. Jun. 15  Claudia Ratti (Houston Univ.
    Construction of EoS with a critical point 
    (ppt and video)
  19. Jun. 22  Jurgen Schaffner-Bielich (Frankfurt Univ.
    Compact Stars and HI Collisions 
    (ppt and video)
  20. Jun. 29  Zi-Wei Lin (ECU) 
    AMPT at the High Baryon Density Region 
    (ppt and video)

To attend one of these seminars, interested participants are kindly requested to register by clicking on the link "(Abstract and Zoom Links)" next to the seminar title below. Registration is required to ensure a sufficient number of connection slots are provided for each seminar. (Once you regisered in one of the events,  you email would be included in the email-list to receive the regular announcement, which you need not re-register each time) By attending this event you agree to the seminar and discussion being recorded and posted on the seminar web site.


Time slot for the seminar:

Every Tuesday, 6:00am (San Francisco), 9:00am (New York), 3:00pm (Frankfurt), 6:30pm(New Delhi), 9:00pm (Beijing), 10:00pm (Tokyo)


Main organizers:                      Contact:

Song, Huichao (PKU)                    Huichaosong@pku.edu.cn
Heinz, Ulrich   (OSU)                    Heinz.9@osu.edu
Xu, Nu (LBNL)                               nxu@lbl.gov


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Material link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1rGGv4qsuGrN91gJCfK3npA

Onedrive link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqZNz3C3L8E3gXJIcko5BGORpsf1?e=xvnj3S

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