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October 31, 2022 to November 4, 2022
CCNU, Wuhan, China
Asia/Shanghai timezone

第十届华大QCD讲习班 (The 10th HuaDa QCD School)



腾讯会议ID:351-6236-9270    密码:2022

The 10th Huada QCD School will be held in Central China Normal University (CCNU), Wuhan, China, during the week of October 31th (Oct. 31-Nov. 4), 2022.

The Huada QCD School is an annual school which aims to provide basic training in strong interaction physics for graduate students, postdocs and young researchers in the field of high-energy nuclear and particle physics.

This year's school will be centered on the following topics in high-energy nuclear physics: jet quenching, heavy quarks and quarkonia, hydrodynamics and critical phenomena, quantum kinetic theory, machine learning, etc.

We have invited the following experts to gives lectures for this year's school: Shanshan Cao (曹杉杉), Zhenyu Chen (陈震宇), Min He (何敏), Longgang Pang (庞龙刚), Shi Pu (浦实), Huichao Song (宋慧超), Li Yan (严力).


      Heng-Tong Ding (丁亨通)

      Xiao-Feng Luo (罗晓峰)

      Ya-Xian Mao  (毛亚显)

      Guang-You Qin (秦广友)

      Ya-Ping Wang (王亚平)

      Ben-Wei Zhang (张本威)

      Han-Zhong Zhang (张汉中)

Secretaries: Shengtai Li, Ya Ma, Qiang Yuan

Registration for this event is currently open.