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Weihai High-Energy Physics School 2015

Weihai, Shandong Provice

Weihai, Shandong Provice


WHEPS (Weihai High-Energy Physics School) is a new series of schools being held in Weihai, Shandong Province every year. It caters to senior PhD students and junior postdocs. WHEPS is a school organized by the CCEPP (CAS Center for Excellence in Particle Physics, http://www.ihep.cas.cn/zdsys/ccepp/ ) and CICPI (Collaborative Innovation Center for Particles and Interactions, http://cicpi2011.ustc.edu.cn/ ).

The purpose of the School is to provide young physicists with an opportunity to learn about recent advances in elementary-particle physics from world-leading researchers. It also aims to encourage communications among young researchers from different experiments and different institutions. The School provides High-Energy Physics courses from an experimental and phenomenological perspective, with a focus on 1) neutrino physics and dark matters; 2) hadron physics; 3) eletroweak interactions at TeV scale; and 4) advanced technology in accelerator, detector and electronics.

The program of the school is intended for PhD students in the field of experimental particle physics or phenomenology (if not too far from particle-physics experiment). The School is open to junior post-docs (typically less than two years after completing their PhDs), and also advanced MSc students provided that their prior knowledge is comparable with that of the principal target audience so that they can benefit from the courses offered at the School. Up to 60 students are expected to attend each School.

The Organization Committee of the School includes representatives from member institutions of the CCEPP and CICPI. Applications are primarily invited from students from the member institutions of CCEPP and CICPI; though applications from non-membership institutions may also be accepted given the seats are available.

  • Changzheng YUAN
  • chengcai zhang
  • Dong Liu
  • Gang (EPC.IHEP) LI
  • Gao Shanshan
  • Guangyi Tang
  • Hang Zhao
  • hu yu
  • Huijing Li
  • Jian Deng
  • jingjing xu
  • Jingzhi ZHANG Jingzhi
  • Kai-bao Chen
  • Kaixi Feng
  • Manqi Ruan
  • Meng Wang
  • Mingxuan Xue
  • Qi Li
  • shenghui zhang
  • Shu-yi Wei
  • Shunli Niu
  • Weihua Yang
  • Wenqian HUANG
  • Xiaocong Ai
  • Xiaokun Zhao
  • Yijie Wen
  • Yonpeng ZHANG Yongpeng
  • Yuan Zhang
  • Zhe Cao
  • Zheng Wang
  • Zhiwen Wen
  • Zhiyong WANG
  • Zongyuan Wang
  • 俊楠 鲁
  • 友华 杨
  • 娟 董
  • 林松 占
  • 肖雁 沈